Charity funds cutting edge microscope

QE Charitable Funds has been working closely with a small team within the QE Hospital’s Pathology Centre, which has a huge impact.

The histopathology team is responsible for diagnosing and studying cancer and other diseases by interpreting cell and tissue samples from biopsies under a microscope. They help diagnose thousands of patients every year.

The team know first-hand that having the very best laboratory equipment can make a huge difference to patients and clinical teams – so turned to the Trust’s Medical Education Department and QE Charitable Funds to fund a new microscopic arm, known as a “discussion tube”.

The state of the art “discussion tube” attaches to a microscope, allowing two people to look at the cells and tissues simultaneously. This helps consultants and trainees to work together and discuss biopsies more effectively and in real time.

Dr Mona Jain, consultant histopathologist, said: “With this new piece of equipment, two people can look at a biopsy at the same time. In the past we would take a picture and put the image on a screen, but this looses a lot of the optical quality within the sample of cells, which is vital when diagnosing patients. This new microscopic arm means that two histopathologist consultants can sit together and discuss a patient case. It also allows us to teach our trainees more effectively.”

“Thank you to everyone who supports the charity and has helped to transform the level of technology available to the hospital laboratories. This really does make a difference to patients here at the hospital awaiting test results.”

QE Charitable Funds raises money to provide additional comforts, care or experiences for the direct benefit of patients and their families beyond that which the NHS provides. To find out more about QE Charitable Funds, please visit