Charity invests in ventilator for hospital’s most poorly children

The QE Hospital in Gateshead has purchased a paediatric ventilator, thanks to the generosity of kind donations to QE Charitable Funds.

The hospital’s emergency department receives a number of very poorly babies and children every year.  The BabyPAC paediatric ventilator will be used by the QE’s team of Critical Care Consultants to safely provide mechanical ventilation to babies and small children when they need to be urgently transported away from the Emergency Care Centre. 

Matthew Gaughan, Clinical Lead for Critical Care, said: “Some of the babies and children who come into the emergency care centre require urgent, time-critical, transfer to another hospital, for example following head injury. They may also require a transfer within the QE Hospital, for instance to a CT scan.  The BabyPAC paediatric ventilator will provide these babies and small children with mechanical ventilation (life-saving support with their breathing) as they are transported away from the QE’s emergency department.

 “We are really grateful to the QE charity for buying this fantastic piece of equipment which will make a huge difference for small babies and children who are really poorly upon arrival at the hospital. Having the ventilator means we can ensure all critically ill children who need this type of treatment will receive it immediately.”

QE Charitable Funds raises money to provide additional comforts, care or experiences for the direct benefit of patients and their families beyond that which the NHS provides. Through fundraising, the charity is able to touch the lives of thousands of people at the hospital every year.

The charity operates across a large number of specific wards and departments across the hospital, which means that donors and fundraisers can identify exactly which part of the hospital they would like to support. To find out more about QE Charitable Funds, please visit