Chemo patients can enjoy comfy seats thanks to donations to health trust charity

QE Charitable Funds has used generous donations to fund new electric chairs for patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Treatment on the QE Hospital’s chemotherapy unit can take many hours, but these new seats mean that patients are able to alter their position or posture so they are as comfortable as possible. The unit was also able to purchase tables to go next to the seats as well as new drips.


George Newman (pictured) is one of the many patients to benefit from the new seats.  George also likes to make bird houses in his spare time to raise funds for the chemotherapy department at the QE.


Michele Hughes, Chemotherapy Services Manager ,said: “Our patients can spend hours receiving treatment and whilst they are able to get up and move if they want to, we feel that it’s essential for them to be as comfortable as possible.


“The patients their families and carers donate very generously to the Chemo Day Unit charitable fund, and I believe that patient comfort and positive experience is an excellent use of the fund. We are very humbled and very grateful for the ongoing generosity shown to the department and Trust.”