Dancers raise money for chemo unit as a thank you for treatment

Deborah Hubbert, Deputy Sister on the Chemo Day Unit, was delighted to receive a donation in one of our special envelopes for £450 from grateful patients Angela (pictured) and Robert Hunter. 

Mr Hunter explained: "Since having treatment in 2010 Angela and I both qualified as ballroom dance teachers in 2012, despite being in our sixties. We now run two ballroom dances -a tea dance at Fencehouses community centre on Wednesday afternoons,  and a sequence dance at Bowburn Community Centre on Saturday nights. The £450 was collected at these dances while celebrating Angela's 65th birthday and we are grateful to those who contributed. With family commitments including grandchildren and our dancing we lead a busy life and are grateful to all concerned for helping it happen. 

"Incidentally it is also 5 years since I had cancer. In October 2010 I had a kidney containing  a cancerous tumour removed (at Sunderland Royal) and 9 weeks later Angela was found to have a small (but HER2 pos) tumour in her breast. Following the op she had radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Herceptin, and continues on the five year course of Exemestane; we are very lucky and very grateful."

Thanks very much Robert and Angela - and keep dancing!