Patients get active with new gym equipment

New gym equipment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead is getting patient’s hearts racing, thanks to kind donations to QE Charitable Funds.

Donations from patients, their families, staff and thoughtful legacies left to the QE have allowed the hospital to invest in a new treadmill and state of the art exercise bikes to replace old equipment in the hospital Physiotherapy gym.

This new gym equipment means that local patients can now receive the best possible rehabilitation services.  This includes regular prescribed exercise and tailored rehabilitation classes led by Physiotherapy, that support and speed up recovery, both mentally and physically, for a range of conditions.

The facilities are already being enjoyed by cardiac patients, who attend weekly exercise sessions post heart attack, heart surgery or to manage angina. Patients like Brian Clark, 67 and from Bensham, who has been taking part in a rehabilitation programme after he suffered heart failure.

Brian said “I really enjoy the sessions in the gym and I always feel great afterwards. It’s fantastic that the charity has funded these new machines as they will help so many people to recover and deal with their illnesses. Exercise is so important and the machines are great as you can monitor your activity and really benefit from the routine – it’s definitely money well spent.”

Other patients using the new equipment include musculoskeletal patients, patients who have had recent joint replacements and those requiring pulmonary rehabilitation.

Irene Chidume, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist at QE Gateshead, added: “Unfortunately our older equipment was no longer working well and as a consequence the patients were struggling to get their heart rates up and achieve rehabilitation goals effectively . We would like to thank fundraisers and donors for helping to purchase this new equipment as it means our patients can get the best out of their rehabilitation sessions.  The bikes and treadmill are already proving a big hit and will make a lasting difference to hundreds of patients in Gateshead.”

QE Charitable Funds raises money to provide additional comforts, care or experiences for the direct benefit of patients and their families beyond that which the NHS provides. Through fundraising, the charity is able to touch the lives of thousands of people at the hospital every year.

The charity operates across a large number of specific wards and departments across the hospital, which means that donors and fundraisers can identify exactly which part of the hospital they would like to support.

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