Patients sitting comfortably on new Critical Care Chairs

Thanks to the kind donations of patients and relatives, the Critical Care Unit at the Queen Elizabeth in Gateshead has been able to purchase three brand new patient chairs.

The chairs are sourced with the unique requirements of the critically ill patient in mind. They recline to allow patients to be transferred from bed to chair easily, helping to make patients more comfortable and mobile. The seats also help patients to carry out their exercises in physiotherapy sessions and can even reduce a patient’s time in hospital.

The chairs have wheels and are easy to move, meaning that they can be quickly manoeuvred to reach the patients who need them the most. They are also ideal for taking patients to sit outdoors to get some fresh air.

Susie Lawley, Specialist Nurse in Critical Care Rehabilitation, explained: “Although we have always had chairs available for patients, these are state-of-the-art, and will enable critically ill patients to begin early rehabilitation and help to prevent complications such chest infections, which these patients especially are vulnerable to. They will make a huge difference to all of our patients and we are really grateful to all those who donated for supporting us in purchasing them.” 

Patients, like David Pennington, have been benefitting already from the new chairs. A pneumonia patient, David has been on the unit for almost a month and has enjoyed being able to get some fresh air thanks to the new seats, which are allowing more patients to get a bit more time outdoors during their hospital stay.

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